Statement of Purpose

Grits and Trees is a blog dedicated to discussing the pagan path, particularly the Druid path, current events, and sometimes the personal travails of someone who grew up Southern, Christian, and male, but has rejected almost all of his early training. The posts you will find here will be on a variety of topics, ranging from religion, to politics, to party favors. In many ways, this blog is an attempt to find a way forward when the road life was expected to take is no longer valid, viable, or even navigable.  Many of the essays posted on this site will represent my own attempts to gain an understanding of not only the path that I have chosen, and the philosophical implications of that path, but also the way that I should walk that path.  I chose to publish these essays because it encourages me to actually write them and because it is distantly possible that my efforts will prove useful to someone else.  I make no claim of wisdom; I am always willing to consider the possibility that I have it all wrong.

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